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    Technical details

All of the following components and controls utilise IWCL's Cool components class library that provide high-level business objects to common Insurance processes. For example there are quote, trade, product, rules and term classes that handle the entire process of retrieving and updating data from the SQL Server database. These classes are highly scalable and are capable of running in a distributed environment.

By using XML as the definition language, any of the below components can be enhanced very easily to accommodate new question styles, business rules and calculation processes.

A DAL (Data Access Layer) is used to process all communication between the business objects and the database; enabling the system to be deployed in a n-tier environment.

Quoting & Claims - CoolForm
Real-time quoting is achieved by using the high-performance CoolForm server control. This control is designed to allow easy integration into websites, with configurable properties that allow total control over its look and feel through the use of style sheets. The CoolForm server control works by reading an XML based definition file that describes the product being quoted. The XML can be stored as a file or in a database. With advanced features such as templating and rule processing the CoolForm is able to cater for the most demanding of products. The CoolForm can currently target web applications either through a browser interface or a Windows interface, all distributed via the internet. Interfaces for mobile devices such as smart phones and pocket pc's are also available.

Quoting & Claims - CoolCalculation
Calculation processing is achieved using the CoolCalculation component which can either run locally on a network or be accessed via a webservice. It accepts the input of two XML documents, one would be the CoolForm (originally processed with the CoolForm server control) and one would be an XML document containing the calculation process. The open architecture of the CoolCalculation component allows for multiple calculation processes to be run against the same product, thus allowing different Insurance companies to quote for the same product. Because both the calculation and product definitions are in XML they are very easy to edit and any changes can be made available immediately.

Quoting & Claims - Saving and Viewing
During the entering of the quote information or risk details, the CoolForm XML is populated with the Users responses and this can then be stored in a database field or as a file. And because the XML is a complete 'questions and answers' document it can be used to re-create the product at anytime. By using XLST the document can easily be transformed into different styles for either output to web pages, mobile devices or third party legacy systems. The CoolCalculation is populated in the same way and produces a workflow of the calculation enabling users to view the entire process. It provides a high-level detail of all the rates used, the rules that were processed, discounts that were applied and referrals that may have occurred.

Quoting & Claims - CoolSave
To supplement the use of XLST the system also includes a CoolSave component that once again uses an XML document to map responses from the CoolForm to database fields. By integrating the CoolSave component into the quoting process all information can be gathered, calculated and stored with just a few lines of code.

Documentation - CoolDocs
The CoolDocs component allows for high quality point-of-sale documentation. With a set of default templates available documents can be quickly created with very little change. Styling is controlled through the use of stylesheets and real-time scripting can also be integrated to further enhance the documentation. Additional document styles can easily be added to the component. The documents can be delivered in various formats such HTML, RTF, RDF and PDF. For web-based systems the preferred choice is PDF and this is streamed directly to the user's browsers.

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